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Providers of Homecare

If you run a domiciliary/homecare care agency and would like to work with Nottingham City Council all providers should register their services on the ASKLiON website.

ASKLiON is Nottingham City’s health and social care directory supported by Nottingham City Council and the CCG. This website is the place to look for health and social care services for our workforce and citizens.

To register on ASKLiON please visit the ‘create a free account’ page and register. Once registered please go to ‘manage your listings’ and then to ‘create a new directory record’. From there you can create, own and edit your record/s and keep them up to date with any future changes. When you press save this will submit any information to AskLiON for approval. Please feel free to add all services and events that are under your management.

Nottingham City Council also have a new tender for homecare providers which has recently opened, please visit and register to view and apply for the opportunity.

If you have any queries please email

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