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Consultations and Surveys

Please find below some of the latest consultations and surveys that are open for your feedback and involvement.

Improving the care of our residents – LPZ project - Participants Wanted

The East Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative launched a new tool to support care home staff to improve the care of their residents in November 2015, and this was expanded and repeated each year since.

Older people living in care homes often have complex health and social care needs. As a consequence they are vulnerable to complications of long-term care including pressure ulcers, falls, malnutrition and difficulties with their continence.

At the moment there is no reliable measure of how many people in care homes are affected by these problems. This makes it difficult for care homes to know what works in reducing such problems and in choosing the right steps to improve.

We have been working with a number of care homes across the East Midlands to introduce an internationally renowned audit tool (LPZ). LPZ has been used for a number of years across Europe to understand these care problems in more detail and help staff improve, leading to enhanced quality of care for residents.

What LPZ Involves

LPZ works by collecting information about residents alongside a “top to toe” skin inspection, on an agreed date each November. The information required will be known to care home staff such as medical condition of each resident and details of their care needs and problems such as falls and continence status.

As soon as a care home has completed its data entry, they will be able to view their results on-line. Two weeks after the audit, homes will also be able to compare their performance against other (anonymised) participating homes, and for those homes taking part in previous audits they will be able to compare results from previous years audits.

Care home staff will allocate each resident a number, so that they know who has been audited. The number will not allow anybody outside the home to recognise the resident in any way. Using this number, anonymised data will be uploaded onto a secure internet server. The data will then be sent to the Netherlands, where it will be analysed using a computer algorithm which has been developed and tested in all other countries using the LPZ.

For further information and for details about how to get involved please download the LPZ information leaflet on the right hand side of the webpage.

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