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Provider Corner - Latest News and Information


Please see below for the latest news and information relevant to the health and social care provider market.

Market Position Statement Workshops

Market Position Statement Workshop

Nottingham City Council and their transformation partners Peopletoo would like to invite interested Service Providers to attend a series of online workshops.

The aim of the workshop is to provide an overview of the Market Position Statement and plan how commissioners, providers and partners can work more effectively together to meet the needs of Citizens in Nottingham

By the end of the workshop, we will have:

• Gained more of an understanding of what good looks like in Nottingham

• Agreed the principles that will underpin the way providers and commissioners will work together

• Identified and prioritised the activity needed to achieve the ambition

We have programmed 3 duplicate workshops to allow attendance, each taking place over Microsoft Teams. To book a space on a workshop, please email

This invitation is intended for any provider delivering in Nottingham City Care Market

Virtual Workshop:

  • Thursday 28 September 2023 – 10.00 to 12.00
  • Thursday 28 September 2023 – 13.30 to 15.30
  • Thursday 05 October 2023 – 10.00 to 12.00

*Please do only book on 1 session*

July 2023: Use of Flame-Retardant Bedding Pack Instruction

Care Provider; use of Flame-Retardant Bedding Pack for Occupier.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service have provided the occupier 2 x Bedding packs and a flame retardant throw due to them smoking in bed. This is a high-risk activity. NFRS have advised about the danger of smoking in bed and the danger of a fire developing because of this. NFRS have therefore supplied your client with a set of flame-retardant bedding in the hope that this will reduce the risk of the bedding catching fire.

Flame Retardant Bedding Sets

During a recent safe and Well visit carried out by Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS), concerns were raised regarding smoking practises within the property, in particular the practice of resident’s smoking whilst in bed. NFRS has strongly advised against this behaviour as this is considered a high-risk activity. As an initial control measure to help reduce the risk of fire caused by this activity, NFRS has supplied either two sets of flame-retardant bedding or one set of bedding and one linen pack dependent on the circumstances. Further bedding sets, if/when required (see below), must be purchased by the employer, occupier, or owner of the premises or those responsible for their care.

Linen Pack, Pillowcase and Duvet Set Washing Instructions

WARNING: If you are reading a printed copy of this document please refer to the Intranet to ensure you are reading the most current version.

The bedding supplied by NFRS meets British Safety standards BS7175/Source 5

Please note that the flame retardancy of this bedding set will last for approximately 50 washes (Based on washing at 71 degrees for infection control), at which point, to maintain its effectiveness, NFRS recommend that they be replaced.

NFRS recommend that a record should be kept of how open the bedding is washed to predict when replacements are required and to continue to manage the risk posed by fire in these circumstances. Wherever possible, it is recommended that the practice of smoking in bed should not be permitted.

NFRS would like to take this opportunity to highlight the following:

It is the duty of the responsible person to ensure that measures are taken to reduce the risk of fire on the premises and to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to which relevant persons are exposed. The responsible person must, in premises to which the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order applies, identify, and take such general fire precautions as are needed to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. If in doubt about your role or your regulatory duties please seek expert advice.

NFRS advises the following:

• This bedding should be always used whilst the practise of smoking in bed continues.
• The use of flame-retardant sleep wear should be considered as an additional safety precaution.
• The risk of being injured by fire through smoking in bed is increased if an airflow mattress and/or emollient creams are being used.
• If the household requires care and support then those responsible for the care must ensure a suitable risk assessment is in place and reviewed regularly. 
•If you require further information or guidance, please email

The following suppliers are stockists of bedding sets:

Vision Support Services *
Contact: 0845 194 8664 or

Thomas Kneale * Contact: 0161 274 4464 or

* When purchasing additional bedding, please ensure that it meets the required safety standards for the circumstances of the occupier.

May 2023: DHSC: What Good Looks Like (WGLL): A Framework To Support Digital Working In Adult Social Care

This aspirational framework provides a set of goals for local authorities and care providers as they work towards digitisation. It has been developed as part of NHS England and DHSC’s wider collection of What Good Looks Like guidance to support health and social care leaders with digital transformation. The guidance has been co-developed with the adult social care sector through a series of workshops and in-depth interviews.  In the coming weeks, additional resources, webinars and case studies will be shared to further support local authorities and care providers. Digital working in adult social care: What Good Looks Like - GOV.UK (

DHSC: What Good Looks Like (WGLL): a framework to support digital working in adult social care

This aspirational framework provides a set of goals for local authorities and care providers as they work towards digitisation. It has been developed as part of NHS England and DHSC’s wider collection of What Good Looks Like guidance to support health and social care leaders with digital transformation. The guidance has been co-developed with the adult social care sector through a series of workshops and in-depth interviews.  In the coming weeks, additional resources, webinars and case studies will be shared to further support local authorities and care providers. Digital working in adult social care: What Good Looks Like - GOV.UK (

April 2023: Adult Social Care Data Enforcement Commenced


Adult Social Care data enforcement commenced 1 April 2023

This means adult social care providers who fail to submit their data through the Capacity Tracker each month could be issued with a financial penalty. The guidance on how to comply with the information provisions in the Health and Care Act 2022 and how they will be enforced is available online here. We encourage all providers to read through the guidance to ensure they are aware of what is expected and how to be compliant. If providers have any further questions or need advice, please contact the Team at

The formal notice which details the data that needs to be submitted can be found here.

Collection windows open on the eighth of each month and close on the fourteenth of each month unless this falls on a weekend or bank holiday, when the final day for submission moves to the next working day.

To be compliant, providers must submit their data during the collection window

Updating Capacity Tracker

A system generated email is sent to all providers registered on Capacity Tracker as notice that the monthly collection window is open. The email contains two links:

  1. Directs the user to the Capacity Tracker to review, update, and save their information
  2. Enables the user to provide a 'nil' return or to save the previously updated information

Another system generated email reminder is sent 48 hours prior to the collection window closing, to those who have not completed any update.

If a provider believes their type of service do not have a duty to provide data but have been approached by our delivery partners NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) or North of England Commissioning Support (NECS) to do so, please submit a 'nil' return as set out above.

If a provider needs assistance updating the Capacity Tracker or need general advice and support, please contact the Support Centre on 0191 691 3729 or via email

Feedback From Our Sector Engagement Activity

Below are the top five queries we had from our engagement with providers over the last seven months.

  1. Where a provider has more than one location, they were unsure if they should update information for each location. Providers should submit an update for all settings and locations, failing to do so will reflect as non-compliance.
  2. Providers were unsure if they should provide update for both types of provisions they offer. Where both home and residential care are offered by the same provider, said provider must update data for each care type.
  3. CQC is not always notified about changes so the data is not always up to date. For example: a setting is now dormant, changed ownership or closed locations. CQC must be notified as soon as possible to ensure we store the correct data and mitigate against the risk of being issued with a penalty.
  4. Capacity Tracker location contacts are not kept up to date. If an individual no longer works for a provider, the Capacity Tracker must be updated to ensure the correct contact information is held.
  5. Some providers are updating information in Capacity Tracker but not during the designated windows. The collecting windows are the 8th day of every month till the 14th day of every month – or next working day if the 14th is a weekend or Bank Holiday.

The full list of frequently asked questions, including contact information to obtain guidance and support, can be found here.

With kind regards,

March 2023: Mental Health Reablement Service – Advance Notification

This is notification to all interested providers in advance of procurement, that Nottingham City Council intend to commission a Mental Health Reablement Service. The service will be a time limited, focused intervention supporting citizens with mental health needs, to directly address issues in citizen’s lives that impact negatively on their mental health and wellbeing.  This may include physical and mental health, financial wellbeing, housing/tenancy issues and access to services. The service will support citizens to live more independently, avoiding the need for longer term health and care support such as residential care, emergency health services, timely discharge from psychiatric wards and reducing the number of Delayed Transfers of Care. The primary focus of the service is to facilitate and promote citizens’ independence in community settings and to enable citizens to be discharged from psychiatric wards when they have been assessed as medically fit. 

The intended recipients will have mental health needs which are beyond the scope of general services.

The service will promote citizens’ abilities to manage key aspects of their lives by adopting a strengths-based approach to enable a person to live independently by utilising coaching, advice, signposting and coordination that will form the basis of an individual support plan.  The service will work with each person receiving the service, to develop a personalized support plan. This plan will aim to promote recovery and maximize independence by utilizing support available through the reablement service and other community-based resources.

The procurement for the Mental Health Reablement Service is expected to be advertised in April 2023.  The contract for the service will be awarded on a basis of 2 years with the option to extend for a further +2, so up to four years in total, to provide stability and enable innovation in service delivery.


December 2022: Substance Use & Support Services In Nottingham/Notts Christmas Opening Information

A yearly information document that may be of use to vulnerable citizens across City AND County over the two week holiday period. Service closures, soup runs, useful numbers, fellowship meetings, cheap and free stuff to do, harm reduction advise etc.

Download Word Document

Nov 2022: Cold Weather Plan: Action Cards For Cold Weather Alert Service

Earlier this month the UK Health Security Agency updated the action cards on how different organisations need to respond to cold weather alert levels 0 through to 4.

The cold weather plan includes action cards for:
• councils and commissioners
• provider organisations
• frontline health and social care staff
• GPs and practice staff
• individuals
• voluntary and community sector


Nov 2022: Taking Charge - Help Through The Energy Crisis

Taking Charge is a free campaign created by colleagues and people supported at Community Integrated Care. It's to help people who work in social care, and the people they support, to save hundreds of pounds on their energy bills.

The campaign includes short YouTube videos with useful top tips. There's also a series of short webinars filled with useful advice. Materials are accessible so that they can be shared with everyone.

Get more information

Nov 2022: Trial an eCargo bike with NCC

Businesses in Nottingham are invited to take part in our brand new eCargo Bike Experience scheme.

Perfect for transporting cargo or equipment from A to B, the eCargo bikes are available to trial for between 30-90 days. As zero emission vehicles, the eCargo bikes have large storage spaces and have an electric motor to help you breeze across the city.

A great way to get active during the working day and improve employee wellbeing, the eCargo bikes can also help improve the profile of your business or organisation - visually demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

Up to two employees can take our free training prior to starting the eCargo Bike Experience and indeed it is mandatory for this training to be undertaken by employees prior to starting the experience!

Let’s Keep Nottingham Moving with this innovative and exciting new scheme!

For more information, click here or you can express your interest for the scheme here.

Sept 2022: Workforce Development Fund - Now Open

The 2022-23 Workforce Development Fund is now open

The Workforce Development Fund (WDF) 2022-23 is now open to adult social care employers in England to support the development of their staff at all levels, offering funding for a wide range of qualifications, learning programmes and digital learning modules.
This year the WDF will continue to provide additional support to registered managers and frontline managers as this is key to providing quality care and supporting the workforce. Enhanced funding will continue to be available for the completion of leadership and management qualifications, learning programmes and digital learning modules.

⇨ Visit our website to find out more and apply

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