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BEH - Contacting the school nurse

Why should the school nurse/health visitor be contacted, and how?

A school nurse or health visitor should be contacted when there are concerns about a child or young person’s behaviour, emotional or mental health to ensure that concerns are documented on a child or young person’s clinical records and to provide advice and support.

The pathway coordinator, with the family’s consent, will discuss initiating the pathway with the relevant health visitor or school nurse.

Where a child or young person no longer has a school nurse, the pathway coordinator should discuss the pathway further with the Children and Young People’s Behavioural and Emotional Health (CYP BEH) Team before the young person starts the pathway. This ensures it is possible to keep a record of how many children/young people start the pathway.

  • The School Nurse (known as the Public Health Nursing Team) can be contacted on 0115 883 4333.
  • The Health Visiting team can be contacted on 0115 883 8900 or via a child or young person’s General Practice.
  • Young parents may have a Family Nurse (Family Nurse Partnership) who can be contacted on 0115 883 3371.
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