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CAMHS / Behavioural & Emotional Health Team – Referral

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Before making a referral

Essential considerations before beginning the pathway

For professionals beginning the pathway, please ensure you can answer ‘yes’ to each of the following points before making a referral into the pathway:

  • I have read the guidance notes contained in the pathway document.
  • I have checked that the child or young person is registered with a Nottingham City GP.
  • I have considered safeguarding needs of children and young people.
  • I have checked whether a Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is in place (this can be checked with CAF central records) and raised a CAF where appropriate, or there is evidence of multi-agency meetings.
  • I have appropriate consent.
  • I have considered any other health needs that may need to be addressed.
  • If the child or young person is of school age or below I have discussed initiating the pathway with the school nurse or health visitor (or family nurse if in place). They will make sure the pathway is documented on the child’s clinical records.
  • If the young person is aged 19 to 24 with special education needs, I am aware that further discussions should be held with the Children’s & Young People’s Behavioural and Emotional Health Team (CYP BEH Team).
  • I will access additional information and resources for each point of the pathway by following the links throughout this site (or if viewing a hard copy, by referring to the appendix).
  • I have notified the child or young person and their parents/carers that their information will be stored on information systems at Nottingham City Council and Nottingham CityCare Partnership.

Children, young people, parents or carers should call the CYP BEH Team for more information. GPs should go to Choose and Book or call the CYP BEH Team for more information.

Make a referral

To make a referral to CAMHS for support with mental health problem/issues click here

To make a referral to the Behavioural and Emotional Health Team (for Neurodevelopmental concerns e.g. ASD/ADHD), please download the Referral Form here and once completed, please email it to

Telephone contacts:

  • Single Point of Access 0115 8764000
  • Behavioural and Emotional Health team 0115 8761716

If you are already familiar with the pathway you can simply download the full pathway document here.

In case of emergency or very urgent presentation

Emergency behavioural, emotional or mental health needs should be directed to the Emergency Department at Queen’s Medical Centre. An emergency is where a child or young person presents with immediate threat to their safety or well-being (such as acute presentations of self-harm, acute psychosis or medically unwell with eating disorders).

Out of hours urgent (but not emergency) behavioural, emotional or mental health needs should be directed to out of hours services. An urgent need will not present as an immediate threat to safety or well-being. Out of hours means from 5pm to 9am weekdays and at weekends. Out of hours services can be contacted by phoning the GP practice and following the instructions on the recorded message.

Within office hours the SPA (single point of access) can be contacted. More information about this can be found in this pathway website.

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