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Financial Support for Families

The following organisations provide funding across England and the Midlands. They are grant providing trusts that families or professionals can apply for assistance with financial support towards helping people out of poverty and debt. They also provide funding towards everyday household items and specialised equipment for disabled children.

Severn Trent Trust Fund

Severn Trent Trust Fund is an independent grant making trust first set up in 1997. A registered charity; the Trust is helping people out of poverty and debt - thanks to generous donations by the Midlands based water company, Severn Trent Water Limited. The policy and grant making is overseen by independent Trustees who ensure that the money goes where it is most needed.

For more information go to: Severn Trent Trust Fund website

British Gas Energy Trust

The British Gas Energy Trust, incorporating the Scottish Gas Energy Trust, is an independent charitable Trust funded solely from donations from British Gas. The Trust contributes to the relief of poverty, with a particular focus on fuel poverty.

The Trust helps families and individuals experiencing hardship who are struggling with gas and electricity debts by awarding grants to clear those debts. This makes a significant difference to the lives of thousands of people each year, helping them get back on their feet and remain debt free going forward.

For more information go to: British Gas Energy Trust website

Caudwell Children

We provide the life-changing support disabled children need to lead happy, active and independent lives.

For more information go to: Caudwell Children website

Buttle UK

The Frank Buttle Trust, is a UK charity that provides grants and support that gives vulnerable children a fighting chance.

For more information go to: Buttle UK website


Sharewear provides emergency clothing, shoes and bedding to people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire currently in crisis.

For more information go to: Sharewear website

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