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Carers, Family & Friends Support

Watching a loved one go through the various stages of dementia can be difficult. While your loved one is making all the necessary adjustments to live well. For Carer's support in Nottingham click here.

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It is can become an isolating journey. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings, and there’s no right or wrong way to feel. If you’re feeling anxious, depressed or struggling to cope stressed, talk to your GP who can let you know about help and support available to you.

Carer's groups

Carers’ groups can be a good way to get support from other carers who understand what you’re going through and can share their own experiences. These groups offer moral support and an opportunity to be listened to. In Nottingham most groups meet regularly and may offer speakers, leisure activities, trips and simply time to sit and chat.

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Day centres

Some carers feel mixed emotions about day centres, but a variation in routine can benefit you both and allow you to have some time to yourself. There are some specialist dementia day care centres, while others may cater for people with mild dementia.

Day care can be difficult at first for the person with dementia to get used to. Talk to the staff if they seem upset or unhappy about going. Different day centres offer different activities and environments – you may find the person’s social and cultural needs are better met by a different one.

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Social Groups & Activities

Keeping in touch with people and engaging in social activities, such as going to the theatre or cinema, or being part of a walking group or choir, is good for both yours and their confidence & mental wellbeing.

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