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Alternatives to A&E and Staying Winter Well

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Winter is a very busy time of year for the NHS, did you know there are other ways of getting help without going to A&E?

If you need treatment fast but it’s not an emergency visit the Nottingham Urgent Treatment Centre at NG2 4LA.

Urgent Treatment Centres can treat things such as strains and sprains, eye problems, suspected broken limbs, fevers and abdominal pain. Waiting times are much shorter than A&E.

You can also call 111 who will be able to advise you on alternative medical care options available to you.

Also Mid-Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Partnership have produced a 'Five ways to stay well this winter' list, please see below:


1. Get Your Flu Jab

Flu can be serious in those aged 65 and over, pregnant women and those with long term conditions or weakened immunity.

If you're in one of these groups you are more like to develop serious complications with flu, such as pneumonia.

Get your jab at your GP now.

2. Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking lets you breathe more easily by improving your lung capacity which helps you be more active as you get older.

If you are pregnant stopping smoking is the best thing you can do for your baby to help your baby develop healthily during pregnancy and beyond.


3. Be More Active

Being active everyday in some way such as walking helps you to stay healthy. Remember some is good, more is better.

One way to do your recommended 150 minutes of weekly physical activity is to do 30 minutes on 5 days every week.

4. Good Hand Hygiene

Did you know washing your hands is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself and others from illnesess such as flu.

Washing your hands properly removes dirt, viruses, and bacteria to stop them spreading to other people and objects, which can spread illnesses such as flu.

Children are particularly at risk of picking up infections and spreading them to other people if hands haven't been washed properly.

It's especially important to make sure your hands are washed when you're visiting someone to help prevent the spread of infection.

5. Take Vitamin D

Vitamin D is needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. In winter we don't get enough vitamin D from sunlight and so Public Health England recommends we take a dietary supplement.

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