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Your Education, Training & Employment

We want to support you with whatever you decide you want to do when you are 18 so we will make sure that you are getting the right advice and guidance about what you want to do next and have options available to you to pursue education, training or employment.

My Personal Education Plan (PEP) and Pathway Plan

It is important to us that you have the right support to achieve your goals, so we will make sure you get the right advice and guidance about your career goals. 

If you are studying (up to end of Year 13) you will have a Personal Education Plan (PEP) and your plans and the support that we can give you will be recorded in your PEP and pathway plan.

We have an Employability & Training Support Co-ordinator, who can work with you to make decisions and support you to access the right option for you whether that it is re-sitting GCSE’s/A-levels, finding work experience, applying for an apprenticeship, accessing college course, gaining employment, or going to University.

What if I want to go into Education/Continue Studying?

Going to college or university can increase your chances of moving into job/career you want in the future.  Financial support available to you:

16 to 19 bursary for college or sixth form

If you’re aged between 16 -19 years old, you can get a bursary from the establishment where you are studying of up to £1,200; this is to help you cover costs:

  • Transport to get you to /from college or sixth form
  • Particular equipment you might need for your course
  • Fund course related trips
  • Uniform or suitable clothing

What if I am over age 19 and want to go to college?

Discretionary Learner Support Fund

If you're over the age of 19 you can apply for support from the institution's “Discretionary Learner Support Fund”. There's no set amount you can be entitled to, but we will check that you have what you need and support you to apply for this.

If you're over the age of 19, studying for a level 3 course and have got an Advanced Learner Loan to help with your fees you might also be able to apply for a bursary.  The Advanced Learner Loan will have to be paid back, but we can support you to put this in place.

If you're claiming Universal Credit you may be able to get help through the Job Centre Flexible Support Fund. You can find out more from the Turn2 US charity website.[LS1]  Getting Into Work - UK and Multiple Nation Wide Schemes | Turn2us

Nottingham College

If you are planning to study at Nottingham College, they can Also provide you with:

  • Access to an Achievement Coach,
  • Well-being support and health advice
  • Support through the college and your personal advisor to support your attendance
  • A named person to support in you to get an appropriate work placement or work experience
  • Support to visit the colleges if you just want to find out more

What if I want to study at University?

We will support you to study at the university of your choice. Additional financial support is available:

  • Living allowance
  • £2,000 bursary (over the duration of your course)
  • Vacation accommodation costs (up to 21 weeks on non-term time rent)
  • Travel costs at the beginning/end of term


In addition we will support you to apply to Student Finance England for financial support with tuition fees or arranging student loans.


Attending Nottingham University/Nottingham Trent University


Both these universities offer additional options for Nottingham City care leavers:


The University of Nottingham:

  • A care leaver mentor that can be contacted at any time during the application cycle for information advice and guidance.
  • Money Advisors to help you apply for all you are entitled to and work out a budget to suit your needs and interests before you get to university.
  • For more information visit: Care Experienced Students - The University of Nottingham

Nottingham Trent University:

  • A Transition Team Service.
  • A named Senior Student Support Advisor.
  • Group and 1-to-1 mentoring specifically for care experienced students. This includes online sessions on research options, student finance, filling out applications.
  • Money Management Workshops.
  • Termly e-newsletters for Care Leavers and Care Leaver student focus groups.
  • For more information visit: Support for care leavers and estranged students | Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham University & Nottingham Trent University can also offer pre-entry programmes which will include:


  • Campus visits before you begin your course
  • Bursary of £1000
  • Guaranteed offer of university accommodation
  • Vacation accommodation in halls of residence throughout the summer vacation
  • A personal health and well-being pack.

What if I want to get some work experience?

If you’re not sure what you want to do, work experience can give you a taster of what it would be like to work in a certain field/job.  We have a “Work Inspiration Scheme” which is run by Nottingham Trent University and offers a wide range of options.

Nottingham College can support you to find a workplace placement or work experience if you are working with the Leaving Care Service and you are not enrolled in the college.

If you are receiving benefits, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) are working with Health services to offer work experience to care leavers, to give you an opportunity to experience working in health services.

Please talk to your Personal Advisor for more information about gaining work experience.

What if I want to have an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are a great way of gaining further qualifications and “on-the-job” training, particularly if you don’t want to be in a classroom environment all the time.

Nottingham City Council know that these are hard to get so will make sure that you and your Personal Advisors are told about any apprenticeship opportunities within the City Council at the same time as going to our recruitment partners. You will also be offered wrap around support. This would include regular review meetings with apprentice managers and PA’s; and where needed, access to the additional support e.g. Maths / English support, resilience coaching and mentoring sessions.

  • Apprenticeships are very popular and securing an interview can be difficult enough. With this in mind, we will guarantee you an interview should meet the minimum criteria of the role.

We will also provide additional support by:

  • Making sure that any apprenticeship assessments or interviews are at a place that is right for you.
  • Helping with transport costs to attend interviews for training, school/college, apprenticeships, or job interviews.
  • Preparation for interviews and where appropriate financial support to purchase suitable interview clothing.

What other support is available?

Employability & Training Coordinator

We have a specialist worker in the team, who can work with you to explore your options for employment, training and education and look at what support you might need to get there e.g. build your experience by applying for work experience or taster days, support you to develop your CV and link you into other specialist support with applying for jobs / developing your interview skills, such as work coaches from the Futures service.

If you have been out of education or employment for some time, we can support you to develop your confidence and work towards qualifications at a pace you feel ready for, through our in-house employability programme. For more information speak to your Personal Advisor.

Aspiration Champions Network

The service offers bespoke mentor to provide you with support and guidance regarding your education or career choices. Whether you’re looking for insight into a particular career choice, ongoing guidance and support regarding your career and/or education options or wanting to undertake some practical work experience.  You will be matched with one of our professional Aspiration Champions who will support you by sharing knowledge, experience and help you to make choices and take the next step. For more information speak to your Personal Advisor or visit the Aspirations Champions Network site at:  Aspiration Champion Network

Robin Hood Transport Scheme

If you are in part or full time, education, employment or training, you may be eligible for a free Robin Hood Travel pass, giving you access to free travel across Nottingham.  Talk to your Personal Advisor for more information.

Further Resources

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Nottingham Trent University Support for care leavers and estranged students | Nottingham Trent University

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Propel: is a source of information for young people considering higher education and which bursaries/scholarships are available. https://propel/ukk/UK

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Further information on support with Childcare costs:

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