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COVID-19 Information for Care Homes

Public Health England and Government Guidance and Information

NHS Guidance and Information

  • NHS mail has been made available for Care Homes, please click here for more infomation.

Nottingham City Council Guidance and Information

  • Nottingham City Council have created an emergency food suply list for care homes struggling to get food deliveries, some of the suppliers are also able to deliver toiletries and cleaning products, please visit the food supplies for care homes page for the list.
  • Guidance on the transfer of individuals between residential /nursing settings during COVID19 period - The guidance document has been produced by Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire Councils, in partnership with NHS colleagues sets out proposed arrangements for individuals who may sometimes need to move between settings when the placement no longer meets their needs.  This could include those who are in a residential home and require a nursing bed, or those whose behaviours are no longer manageable in the current setting. Historically these would be moved to a more suitable setting with family involvement and support from social care and health as necessary.  In the current climate there has been very little movement between care settings due to the COVID19 and there are patients who would normally have moved who are now in an inappropriate placement.

  • To find out how the latest information about PPE please visit

Other Guidance and Information

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