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BEH - Identification, clarification and early intervention

This stage of the pathway is ‘universal’; it can be delivered by any professional working with a child or young person. It focuses on identifying emerging need, and putting early support and strategies in place to prevent concerns escalating.

With effective early support, many children and young people will thrive and will not need to progress any further than this stage of the pathway.

Step 1: Identify and clarify concerns

Step 2: Plan

  • Pathway coordinator agrees a support plan, early interventions and outcomes. This could include accessing universal services.

Step 3: Implement

  • Interventions identified in the support plan are implemented, involving appropriate professionals and services as required.

Step 4: Evaluate

  • Appropriate time is allowed for the impact of early interventions and outcomes to be evaluated.
  • Pathway coordinator and appropriate professionals review and evaluate interventions and outcomes.

Next steps

No further action may be needed OR if concerns persist, the pathway coordinator will:

Remember: Consider safeguarding needs throughout

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