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Where You Live

We understand that even though you are 18 moving into your own home can be a scary time. We know from our care leavers in the focus groups, that moving into more independent accommodation can be lonely so please remember that we are here to support you. We never want you to feel that you are on your own so please contact your Personal Advisor to tell them how you feel and we will help you where ever we can.

There are lots of different choices for you when deciding where you want to live when you are 18, including supported accommodation if you are not ready for your own tenancy.

  • Staying with your former foster carer after you turn 18. If this is what you and your foster carer(s) want, we will support you to remain with your foster carers under what is called a ’Staying Put’ arrangement. This can last until you are age 21. Staying Put leaflet
  • We have many different ways for you to get suitable housing, including supported accommodation if you are not ready for your own tenancy. If you are ready for your flat, we will work with Nottingham City Homes to ensure that you are a priority when you are bidding for properties. If you require supported accommodation, we will support you to do this by referring to the Housing Gateway and supporting you through the assessment process, including coming to appointments with you.
  • We will help you set up home and provide you with financial support to buy the items you need when moving into your new home and in choosing these items.
  • We have an agreement with Nottingham City Homes that all care leavers in Nottingham City Homes tenancy will have 2 carpets provided (for 2 rooms of your choice) and decorating vouchers for their properties where needed.
  • We will give you practical help to moving in and looking after your home, including advice about decorating, minor repairs and cleaning. We will also give you advice about paying rent and bills regularly.
  • We will give you advice about your tenancy (the official agreement or contract between you and your landlord that lets you live in a property as long as you pay rent and follow the rules). If you are in a Nottingham City Homes property, the Housing Patch Manager will also support you with this.
  • If you are in a Nottingham City Homes tenancy with a garden, all grass and hedges will be trimmed for you when you move in. You will get an hours support from NCH caretaking team if you need it and the free hire of garden tools. You will also be able to go on a Tenant Academy course to learn more about gardening.

Further Information

Shelter can support with any issues you are having with housing or homelessness. They can offer legal advice and help you challenge housing authorities. Go to Shelter Website

Framework is a charity delivering housing, health, employment, support and care services to people with a diverse range of needs. Go to Framework Website

Housing Aid can help you whether you are a council or private tenant or own your home and may soon lose it for whatever reason, need somewhere to live or have been made homeless. You can contact them directly by calling 0115 876 3300 or speak to your Personal Advisor. Go to Housing Aid Website

YMCA hostel provides supported accommodation for homeless people aged 18 and over. They have 98 fully furnished rooms in the City all have shared kitchens and communal rooms. Go to YMCA Website

Nottingham City Homes (NCH) manage around 27,000 homes in the city of Nottingham. If you want to find out more about the services they offer. Go to NCH Website 

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