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COVID-19 Mental Health Support

Mental Health

Please find below a list of resources and information to help you support your mental health during COVID-19.

Mental Health

Local Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support Offered to Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Residents.

Please find two documents that list all of the places to find mental health support, broken down into sub-sections for ease of reference. The documents detail what help is available locally and nationally. The documents are also available to view in the downloads section of this webpage.

YouTube Clips around Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health Helplines

Nottingham Foundation Trust Mental Health Helpline - for immediate help

Local people in mental health crisis who need immediate help can now receive support 24/7 by calling the new Nottinghamshire Foundation Trust Mental Health Helpline 0300 303 0165.  The line is open to people of all ages who live in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. 

For more information, visit their website at

Nottingham Mental Health Helpline - for emotional support and information about mental health

The service works alongside the Nottinghamshire Crisis Line, providing personalised advice, emotional support and information on coping mechanisms.

Please call 0300 555 0730 or for more information visit

Nottinghamshire Crisis Sanctuaries - Out of Hours Support

The Nottinghamshire Crisis Sanctuaries provide mental health crisis support to the communities of Nottinghamshire.

The Crisis Sanctuaries are for anyone near or at crisis who need a safe space to talk.

To find out more please visit the Nottinghamshire Crisis Sanctuaries website.

The Grief Line

The Grief Line is a dedicated service for those who need immediate support following bereavement. The service offers a 24/7 triage service that will ensure the grieving person will be connected to a relevant agency that can provide emotional support. The Grief Line will continue to stay in contact with that person until support has been received and will follow up post-support to assess further need. 

Phone the Grief Line on 0800 111 4451 or email or visit the website

Free NHS Mental Health Support


If you need support with your mental health, there are free local NHS services you can use by referring yourself such as:

Children and young people


Targeted CAMHS 0 - 18 years.

Who is this for?

Children and young people with emotional and/or mental health needs.

What do they offer?

CAMHS offer assessments, therapeutic sessions, group work, consultations to professional network.

How can I access it?

Government Guidance for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Government Guidance for the Public:

Every Mind Matters

Advice and tips on how to look after your mental health from Every Mind Matters.

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