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Disabled Children's Register (DCR)

The Disabled Children's Register is a secure database which aims to capture information about all children and young people aged 0-25 years with disabilities or special educational needs in Nottingham City. All local authorities are required by the Children Act 1989 to hold a register of disabled children, subject to the strict requirements of the Data Protection Act, this ensures that the DCR is kept completely confidential.

The Disabled Children's Register is managed by Nottingham City Council Family Information Service. Registering is voluntary but we would like to encourage as many parents/carers of children and young people as possible to register so that we can get as clear a picture as possible of the needs for services in Nottingham.

The information that you give us will be used anonymously to show the use of and demand for services in Nottingham City. We will use this information to help us to plan, monitor and develop appropriate facilities and services for disabled children and their families.

If you are a Nottinghamshire County Council resident, please go to the following link to register your child: Nottinghamshire Disabled Children's Register

Finally, once registered you will also be able to create your own information passport about your child that you can print off and give to people working with them.

Sign/Register to Update Disabled childrens Register
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