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Provider Corner - Training, Events and Webinars

Please see below sections for up and coming events, courses, training and webinars.

July 21, October 21 and Feb 22 - Free Oral Health Training for staff working in Residential Settings

Oral Health Brief Advice Training for Care Homes 2021 - 2022.

This course teaches learners about the importance of oral healthcare for themselves and those who they care for. The learning includes the latest guidance in oral healthcare and supports person-centred holistic care.

For further information please view the flyer.

June 2021: Opportunity – Fully Funded Medicines Management Trainer Assessor – 4 day Course

Training Dates:               1st/ 2nd/ 11th/ 18th June 2021

Training Times:              09.30-16.00

Training provider:         Advance Care Training Ltd

Venue:                            The Paul Smith Suite, Mercury House, Shipstones Business Centre, North Gate, Nottingham, NG7 7FN


For further details, please see the flyer

25th May 2021: Free Online Event - Learning from COVID-19: What could change for palliative care in care homes?

You are invited to join this free online event: ‘Learning from COVID-19: What could change for palliative care in care homes?’ which takes place on 25 May 2021 at 2pm.

This cross NIHR ARC event brings together practitioners from health and social care and all those interested in taking forward learning from the pandemic to support palliative and end of life care in care homes. The webinar starts with the experience of care home staff and how working with researchers made a difference. It then showcases two studies, one with emerging findings and one, just starting. The final session is a discussion between participants and speakers to share learning, support cross-organisation working and enable researchers and practitioners to discuss what works for residents and staff.

For more details and link to register please see the flyer.

19th May 2021: Virtual Event - The Wonderful World of Nursing in Social Care

Wednesday 19 May, 10:00–12:30

Who should attend?

  • Providers of adult social care
  • Higher education institutions
  • Student nurses
  • Registered nurses
  • Those interested in the nursing
  • Associate role or nurse training

This event will explore the wide ranging roles and opportunities that a career in adult social care can offer.

We’re delighted that our keynote speaker is Deborah Sturdy, Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care in England. We’ll also hear from a range of other speakers including registered nurses and student nurses. There will be an opportunity to ask all of our speakers a question in our Q&A session during the event.

Why should I attend?

  • This event will give you a better understanding of:
  • The wide range of career opportunities within adult social care
  • he trainee nursing associate programme and the nurse apprenticeships programmes and how they can benefit both students and care providers
  • The benefits of offering placements to trainee nursing associates, nurse apprentices and
  • nursing students
  • How we’ll ensure that the nursing curriculum accurately reflects working within adult social care.

Book your place

12th May 2021: Webinar - Better Security, Better Care: local support, webinars and films

Adult social care providers across England are invited to access local as well as national support to improve their data protection and cyber security. 

As part of the Better Security, Better Care programme, 29 local support partners across the country are helping care providers to ensure they are storing and sharing paper and digital records safely. Most of the support partners are local care associations, though in some areas, support is led by local councils or the NHS. 

The programme supports providers to use the self-assessment tool – the Data Security and Protection Toolkit – which in turn enables many of the other data and cyber security initiatives across the care sector. For example, care providers who reach Standards Met on the Toolkit can apply to access NHS systems such as shared records.

Care Providers, data and cyber programme leads, social care commissioners, inspectors, data system suppliers and policymakers are invited to a webinar on how Better Security, Better Care supports them, and how works alongside related data and cyber initiatives.

 And, in a new series of short films, social care leaders and practitioners explain why data and cyber security matters, and how the Better Security, Better Care programme improves skills and care.

 Care providers can also book to attend webinars on How to register for the DSPT.


11th May 2021: Nurses Day Event

Please find the international nurses day flyer for our event on the 11 May at 18.30 for a short celebration event.

I am delighted that we will hear from some of our nurses in our ICP and have the opportunity to celebrate together.

Join us on Nurses' Day Eve to recognise and celebrate the fantastic contribution nurses continue to make across the Nottingham City ICP, please see the flyer for access to the event.


6th May 2021: Webinar - Investing in 'care ready' homes for an aging population

The Housing LIN is hosting free webinars that will be of interest to adult social care commissioners and providers of care at home.  The webinar on Thursday, 6 May 2021, features former ADASS President, David Pearson CBE, who along with Homes England will consider the case for investing in ‘care ready’ homes for an ageing population. The session will also hear from regeneration partner Igloo, the recent co-winner of the government’s Homes of 2030 competition, about their plans for age-friendly homes and communities and future generations.

Collaborative Care Forums – Information Forums for all Adult Social Care Providers in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire (Ongoing)

Future forum dates for your diary

If you would like to receive these links as calendar invitations, please email with your name, organisation and the email address you would like us to use.  In the email please confirm that you give permission for us to send you the invitation and understand that this will mean sharing the email address you provide with others. 

If this is not something you wish to do you will still be able to enter the following links manually into your calendars to save the date and remember to join.  Thank you.


Tuesday 18th May, 3:00 – 4:30 pm

Topics – Restore2 and the benefits of adopting this process, Frailty and Preparing to implement the Clinical Frailty Scale for use across health and social care


Tuesday 15th June, 2:00 – 3:30 pm

Topics – To be agreed – please let us have your suggestions

Video for Care Providers: Everything you need to know about ASC-WDS (Ongoing)

The Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set, or ASC-WDS for short, is an easy-to-use online service that helps you manage your team and makes sure your voice is heard by the Government and other key sector decision makers. We’ve produced a brand new three-minute video which details the benefits of using ASC-WDS and how the data within the system can be used by the Government and other stakeholders to make informed decisions about the care sector.

You can view the video directly on our website or you can also watch the video on our Vimeo site


Restore2 – Deterioration Tool for use with Homecare and Care Home Residents (Ongoing)

To provide support and guidance through COVID-19 and beyond the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCGs have partnered with East Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative and Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub to support care homes and home care providers that do not currently use a tool for recognising deterioration in residents or service users. This package is for all homes that do not currently use a deterioration tool or would like to know more about RESTORE2.

RESTORE 2 can help you and your staff to spot deterioration from COVID-19 related illness or recognise non-COVID-19 related deterioration and act to decrease avoidable hospital admissions.

RESTORE2 uses three tools (Soft Signs, NEWS2 and SBARD) which when used in unison create a robust process for early identification of the signs of deterioration and appropriate and timely escalating (if required).  For home care RESTORE2Mini may be more appropriate. This focuses on Soft Signs and SBARD only.

The lead trainer for RESTORE2 across Nottinghamshire, Michele Tuttle, works for the Nottinghamshire Alliance Training Hub and is able to deliver training RESTORE2. During the current climate this is being delivered virtually via MS Teams or Zoom.

Michele can be contacted via email at or on 07554 779715 for further information.

Online Course - Foundations in Dementia (Ongoing)

Foundations in Dementia is a free online course suitable for health and social care professionals, students and the family members or carers of people with Dementia. With access to engaging resources and the opportunity to share ideas with others over a six-week period, this training is designed to provide knowledge and skills regarding the care of people with Dementia and will cover the following topics:

  • Week 1 - Inside the brain
  • Week 2 - Assessment and treatment
  • Week 3 - Law and ethics
  • Week 4 - Communication skills
  • Week 5 - Family and Friends
  • Week 6 - Living well with Dementia and end of life care

SCIE Virtual Courses for Social Care (Ongoing)

SCIE's website has a collection of virtual training including:

  • Safeguarding adults webinar series
  • Mental Capacity Act webinar series
  • Infection control e-learning
  • Dementia awareness e-learning

To find out more please visit their website at:

Autism E-Learning PowerPoint Training (Ongoing)

The Autism e-learning course is designed for anyone whose job may bring them into day to day contact with people with Autism including practitioners working for Local Authorities, Health, Housing, District Councils, Police and Education Services. It is also for members of the public who may find it interesting and useful as a resource.

The course aims: To cover the ‘basic awareness’ level of skills and knowledge as described in the Autism Skills and Knowledge list produced by Skills for Health, Skills for Care.

 These are:

  • Understand what autism is and how it might affect the individual’s social interaction, communication and imagination
  • Understand how having autism can impact on mental health
  • Be able to identify adults who may be on the autism spectrum
  • Understand different ways of supporting, interacting and communicating with autistic people
  • Reflect on your own working practices and the client population you support.

To find out further information and to access the training please click here.

Certification of Training in Restrictive Practices (Ongoing)

As part of the NHS England national improvement programme to reduce restrictive practices, the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) was commissioned to develop standards for training for the prevention and use of restrictive interventions.

The Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) is an independent body that brings together government departments, professional bodies, people with lived experience, practitioners and academics. It is a coalition of the willing who are passionate about restraint reduction and human rights.

The Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards (2019) aim to facilitate culture change, not just technical competence. The Standards are designed to:

  • protect people’s fundamental human rights and promote person centred, best interest and therapeutic approaches to supporting people when they are distressed;
  • improve the quality of life of those being restrained and those supporting them;
  • reduce reliance on restrictive practices by promoting positive culture and practice that focuses on prevention, de-escalation and reflective practice;
  • increase understanding of the root causes of behaviour and recognition that many behaviours are the result of distress due to unmet needs;
  • where required, focus on the safest and most dignified use of restrictive interventions including physical restraint.

The RRN Training Standards were published in April 2019 and are available on the RRN website. These standards provide a national benchmark for training in restrictive practices and have been endorsed by a number of professional bodies, charities and arm’s length bodies.

For further information please download the Restraint Reduction Network documents in the downloads section on this webpage.

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