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We Are Undefeatable

We are Undefeatable is a new physical activity campaign run by Sport England and partners. It aims to target people with long-term conditions (LTCs) who may have misconceptions that 'rest is best'.

It’s estimated that 250,000 people are living with one or more LTCs in Nottinghamshire. If you, or a loved one, have a limiting illness or disability you’re twice as likely to be inactive (doing less than 30 mins activity per week). 

The campaign aims to tell people with LTCs that any movement is good for social and mental health, and that it doesn't have to be about sport or going to the gym. 

The TV ad campaign is running now, and the campaign features real people who have all dealt with heart surgery, chemo or depression. You can find out more about the campaign at the We are Undefeatable website. 

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