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Save Whenever You Can

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If you are on a low income, saving can be really difficult. But even a very small amount each time you get paid, or receive benefits, can make a big difference. A small pot of savings might mean you don’t have to borrow money (where you might have to pay interest), or it can tide you over if you have an irregular income or your regular income gets delayed, or a sudden expense comes in.

If you are paying off a loan, once you have finished making the payments, it might be a good idea to continue to put aside a small amount into a savings pot instead.

There are lots of options for savings, whether you do it informally or formally into a savings account. A savings account is usually the safest place to keep your money.

If you are in work, saving regularly might be easier if you do it via your payroll into a savings account. Some employers have signed up with Notts and Lincs Credit Union for this.

Open A Savings Accounts

For lots more information on choosing a saving account that’s the best deal for you and right for your needs, see below.  Notts and Lincs Credit Union also provide savings accounts:

Top tips for choosing a savings account - Money Advice Service

Some banking apps can help you with saving. As well as being a great way to keep track of your money, some have a facility so you can round up the change from each time you buy something into a savings pot, to help you reach your saving goals.

Make Savings

Compare and switch bill providers such as phone, insurance, broadband etc, to get the best deal (except for gas and electricity):     



Saving money on household bills:

ASKLiON Prioritise And Reduce Your Bills 

How to save money on household bills | MoneyHelper

Energy costs:

ASKLiON Prioritise And Reduce Your Bills

How to save money on your energy bills - Energy Saving Trust

Comparing cost of electricity appliances:

Electricity-Consumption-Around-the-Home.pdf (

Do a money makeover to save money:

Food costs:

Lots of budget recipe websites – check for ones that have been costed (even if they say ‘budget’), and preferably recently updated. Shopping and cooking on a budget tips -

Cooking on a budget | British Dietetic Association (BDA)

ASKLiON Free & Cheap Food

Tips on saving on fuel/travel:

ASKLiON Travel For Less

Find Free stuff!:

*Always be wary with electrical item and ensure they are safety checked first.

Help For Households

GOV UK has the Help For Households campaign with offers available to help with the cost of living. Visit the GOV UK Help For Households Discount Website for up-to-date offers. 

Help to Save Scheme

Government scheme for those on Universal Credit or Working Tax Credits -

Save up to a max of £50 a month and get a matched bonus of 50% after two years, of the highest amount you saved.  You don’t have to pay in every month.

Reduce Your Bills

Visit the ASKLiON Prioritise And Reduce Your Bills for more information.

Find Local Advice Centres & Services

Please visit our Help and Advice section for advice centre contact information or to find local support services.

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