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Social Care Nurses

Here you will find information to support you as a Social Care Nurse including information on training, consultations & workforce information. Please visit the ASKLiON Provider Corner homepage for latest news and other provider information.

Fully Funded Professional Nurse Advocates (PNA) Programme

I am pleased to tell you that NHSE have offered Social Care Nurses within the Midlands a fully funded opportunity to undertake the Professional Nurse Advocates (PNA) programme.

The training will provide the participants with the skills to facilitate restorative supervision to colleagues and teams within services they work within and beyond. In addition, the training equips nurses to lead and deliver quality improvement initiatives in response to service demands and individuals changing requirements.

The course offer will consist of a 10-day virtual programme (one day per week), which is accredited at Level 7 and therefore all potential PNA students will need to evidence prior learning at a Level 6.

They welcome applications from all employees and especially those currently under-represented, this includes overseas nurse recruits. It is important that trained PNAs are representative of the nursing workforce as a whole and able to provide culturally sensitive supervision to support workforce resilience and health and wellbeing.

I am currently collating Expressions of Interest from practicing social care nurses in the Midlands. If you or any of your staff are interested in this then please complete the Expression of Interest form, the Ethnicity document attached and email to There is also a checklist attached to help track nomination process.

Cohorts available are as follows: 

De Montfort University 

15th November 2023 - 32 Places 

University of Hull 

1st February 2024 - 53 places 

University of Northampton 

27th September 2023 - 50 places COHORT FULL 

9th November 2023 - 45 places 

10th January 2024 - 31 places

14th March 2024 - 50 places 


Social Care Nursing Task & Finish Group

A monthly meeting to discuss future workforce social care nursing development and career pathways including attracting and retaining the social care nursing workforce, this meeting feeds into the ICS Care Sector Workforce Steering Group.  Looking to grow the group further with more registered managers of nursing homes, registered Social Care Nurses and Nurse Associates.

Contact Emily Coles -

NHS Funded Nursing Care Survey

Dear Residential Nursing Care Providers, DHSC is currently in the process of setting the 2024-2025 rate for NHS-funded Nursing Care (FNC). This is being informed by a one-off cost collection exercise, run via Capacity Tracker. The survey is non-mandatory, but it would be great if as many providers as possible could complete this. We are writing to you now, to give you advance notice that the survey is expected to go live on Wednesday 25 October and will be open for three weeks.

What is FNC?

Funding is provided by the NHS to residential nursing care providers to support the provision of nursing care. FNC can help manage pressure on acute hospitals and supports system flow by reducing avoidable admissions of individuals with complex discharge needs. It can also relieve pressure on NHS primary care services by enabling nursing care to be delivered within the individual’s residential home. DHSC sets the national FNC rate which dictates the amount the NHS pays care homes delivering FNC. This is paid per resident, per week. Given wider inflationary pressures, we are now conducting a further one-off ‘cost collection exercise’ to ensure that we have the most recent and accurate data available when calculating the national rate. You might recall that we last did this in 2021.

What Information Is Needed To Complete The Survey?

We would like to encourage as many providers as possible to complete this survey. Although it is optional, a greater sample size will mean more reliable results, which is why we would like to encourage you to complete the survey when it launches. When you complete the survey, please ensure that you have data on the number of residents by funding type and payroll information on both pay and hours worked by registered nurses for the two months of April 2023 and September 2023 (or your most recent completed payroll period) to hand.

Once the survey has gone live, you will see a link to it when you log into Capacity Tracker. If you have any questions, please contact the DHSC FNC inbox at

For those users who update Capacity Tracker via the Provider Bulk Update Template and would like to complete the survey, please contact the Capacity Tracker Support Centre who are available Mon - Fri (excluding Public Holidays) 8am - 5pm by phoning 0191 691 3729 or emailing

We thank you in advance for your continued support and engagement. Kind regards, DHSC

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