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You've Been Missed

image of Sharon O Love Team Manager

In Nottingham City we want to support all of our children and young people in returning to school in September.  Even Before Covid and the ‘lockdown’ there were already many children anxious about attending school. For some children and young people this is so difficult that they may even refuse to go.  We think that due to the long period of time children and young people have had no or limited access to school there may be even more anxiety about returning in September.

Targeted CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service), Mental Health Support Teams (MHST) and the Educational Psychology Service in Nottingham City - are working together to deliver a campaign of support to parents and children and young people.  The aim is to relieve some of the anxiety people may be experiencing around returning to school. 

We will be on the road, visiting the ‘outdoor’ summer schools to promote our services and remind people we are still open and can help now, they don’t have to wait until September.  We have launched a telephone line that parents can call throughout the summer holidays to discuss any concerns about their children returning to school, the number is 0115 87 64700 (the telephone line is available throughout the summer and the first few weeks of school). We will offer support and signpost to resources and further help.  

We are going to be releasing podcasts each week which will hopefully begin to address the themes of worries that children and young people have shared with us.  These are available at CAMHS Nottingham City YouTube Channel. We will also be releasing ‘tips for parents’ to support around the preparation of returning to school as well as signposting to other useful websites. We recognise how this has been a challenging time for everyone and for those who normally experience some anxieties about schools this may be heightened/ even more overwhelming

Children’s Integrated Services are offering a wealth of activities to support children and this is one other strand of support. 

We would like to thank Birmingham Children’s Partnership for sharing the inspiring work they have developed around supporting school attendance and reducing emotionally based school avoidance.  They developed the #youvebeenmissed branding with participation and feedback from parents and CYP. 

For more information about who we are and what we offer or to access support from Targeted CAMHS or MHST please see below:

Visit MHST at

Visit Targeted CAMHS Services 

Visit Educational Psychology Service in Nottingham for more information.

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