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Residential Care

There are various residential care options available depending on the needs of the individual.  Consider the following short definitions to assist you with the first steps in this decision making process:

  • Extra Care - is specialist-housing provision, which enables citizens to retain the independence of having their own home and maintain their rights of occupation, while having the benefit of an onsite care provision, which is accessed through a referral from Adult Social Care (ASC). Click here for more information
  • Residential homes - a home with social work supervision for people who need more than just housing accommodation, e.g. the elderly or disabled adults
  • Care homes - where a number of older people live with access to on-site services, usually only have access to personal care (washing, dressing and giving medication)
  • Nursing homes - a home that will provide personal care and also has a qualified nurse on duty to carry out nursing tasks
  • Supported housing - where housing, support and care services can be provided short or long term
  • Sheltered housing - where older people have the chanced to be independent in their own place with the security of a warden and alarm system

To find information on care homes in the Nottinghamshire area please visit the Notts Help Yourself Website

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