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Age UK Notts - Patients' Representative Service (Queen’s Medical Centre & Nottingham City Hospital)

The Patients’ Representative Service offers support, representation, advocacy and information to older patients and their carers whilst at Kings Mill Hospital.

We can help if

You need extra support during your hospital stay or regarding your discharge home. We can provide independent support for patients and their carers. At some time, we all need support and representation, someone to be our voice. We all need someone who will listen.

What the service provides?

The Patients’ Representative may be able to help if:

  • You are worried about an aspect of your hospital stay
  • You want someone independent to speak on your behalf
  • You need support during a time of crisis
  • You have a difficult decision to make
  • If you need general information or possible access to other services
  • You require follow up support when you have been discharged home
  • If you are worried or concerned, talk to us we are here to help

What extra support do we offer?

  • Information on financial matters and benefits
  • Information on health and social care
  • Details on services available in the community once discharged home. For example befriending, day care shopping services and social groups

Who is this service for?

Patients and their carers. 

Which area does this service cover? HCOP wards Queen’s Medical Centre: B47, B48, B49, C51, C54, D57, D58 Nottingham City Hospital: Bestwood, Beeston, Jenner

How is this service delivered?

This service is delivered in person via one-to-one sessions or over the telephone.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Catherine Hudson
07872 839 558
0115 844 0011 - Age UK
Patients' Representative Service
Parent Organisation
Age UK Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Where to go

Queens Medical Centre
Derby Road

Other Details


Free to patients and their carers.


Age Ranges
Referral required
Referral Details

Available to patients of Kings Mill Hospital aged 55+

Other notes

Some Age UK Notts services are subject to suspension or alteration during the Covid-19 pandemic. Call 0115 844 0011 for up-to date details about Age UK Notts services.

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