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ArtSpeak at Home - Activities and Resources to Stay Creative and Digitally Connected at Home

ArtSpeak at Home is a book of activities, ideas, resources, and news for anyone wanting a bit of inspiration and motivation whilst looking for ways to stay creative and digitally connected at home.

It can be browsed at your leisure and is designed for you to dip in and out of as you please. Have a go at some of the activities, maybe you'll learn something new. Find out what some other ArtSpeak members have been up to, and see what's coming up in our programme.

ArtSpeak At Home is a digital book that can be viewed and downloaded for free. 

View the November 2020 issue here

View the February issue here 

View the May issue here 

View the August issue here

View the November 2021 issue here

Who to contact

ArtSpeak at Home Website

Where to go

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