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NHS Health Check

Free access to a health check-up, similar to a MOT, delivered in GP surgeries. Even though you might be feeling well, if you’re over 40 you may be at risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, diabetes or dementia.

A FREE NHS Health Check can help you reduce these risks and make sure that you stay healthy.

If you’re in the 40-74 age group, without a pre-existing condition you can expect to receive an invitation to an NHS Health Check every 5 years.

Look out for the letter, text or email from your GP practice inviting you for an NHS Health Check, or give your practice a call to arrange one.

Before the check, you will need a blood test. You can book an appointment via your GP practice or drop-in at City Hospital or Queens Medical Centre Blood Test department (Phlebotomy). For opening times, see

For more information on NHS Health Checks see:

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Please call your GP to arrange a health check


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