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Online Guided Creative Writing Workshop - Novels That Shaped Our World: Mistressclass

Join authors Eve Makis and Abi Daré for this workshop - Novels That Shaped Our World: women in power, politics and protest.

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Priority will be given to NG postcoders only.

PRICE: £15 but free to under 25s.

Nottingham has been selected by the BBC and Libraries Connected to run a series of workshops on the theme of: Politics, Power & Protest- stories about the ideas, people and power struggles that shaped our world. We are also working in collaboration with the Women's Prize Trust to invite a very exciting line up of guest authors.

Mistressclass is a guided creative writing for new and emerging women writers, on the theme of politics, power and protest. It will include a discussion championing inspiring women writers. We'll be joined by special guest author Abi Daré, who will talk about her work, her path to publication and tips and inspiration for aspiring writers, and there’ll also be a creative writing session –a safe space for women to express themselves and explore writing.

This series of workshops aims to inspire audiences to talk about the power of the novel to touch us profoundly, to open our eyes to injustices – and to sometimes even act as a catalyst for social change.

Join Eve Makis and Abi Daré for the workshop at 11am on Saturday 6th March 2021.

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When is it on
11am on Saturday 6th March 2021
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PRICE: £15 but free to under 25s.
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