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Asana Lodge

Asana Lodge is a rehabilitation centre that has been serving the people of Nottingham and the wider Nottinghamshire area for a number of years. Based in the midlands, we provide the finest rehabilitation programmes for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction as well as mental health issues.  So if you are seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Nottingham or have mental health issues that may require assistance then get in touch.

Alcohol Addiction

If you are thinking of taking a big step towards recovery by entering rehab for alcohol addiction, it is important you choose an alcohol rehab centre that is best suited to your individual needs. At Asana Lodge, we can help you overcome the difficulty of alcohol addiction. Every individual is different that’s why each plan is tailored to suit you and your needs to give you the best possible chance of recovery.

Drug Addiction

We understand how difficult working through a drug addiction can be. Drug addiction is a chronic illness, causing both psychological and physical effects if used long-term. Whether that be a prescribed drug or an illegal substance, dangers are continuing to effect more and more people.

Here at Asana Lodge, we offer a wide range of therapies, including addiction treatment, helping those seeking expert support diminish their habits and connected

See how our private rehab treatment centre can aid you or a loved one through recovery.

Cocaine Addiction

An addiction to cocaine can negatively affect your life in many ways, from impacting your mental health to risking an overdose, so it’s important to seek help if you’re worried about your own usage or that of a loved one. At Asana Lodge we offer treatment for cocaine addiction for users of both coke and crack.

Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis is well-known for being an appetite-stimulant, as well as its ability to make the user feel an extreme sense of relaxation.

At Asana Lodge, we offer completely bespoke rehab programmes.

Gambling Addiction

At Asana Lodge, we offer specialist treatment for those who are worried about their compulsive gambling, providing a luxurious retreat where you can get away from the temptation and address your issues.

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Mark Ainsworth
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Community Outreach Manager
01908 489 421
Asana Lodge Website

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18 or over
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