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Assessment and Care Planning for Adults

Independent Adult Social Care Consultancy 


Self-Funding Care Needs Assessment 


We support adults who are over 65, and families who care or are seeking care for their elderly parents or relatives and seeking self-funding care options.


Have you noticed?


A decline in your own or a family member’s physical and mental wellbeing?

Are you, or a family member, struggling with day-to-day tasks such as mobility, hygiene, nutrition or taking medication? Are you worried about their safety and wellbeing?

Do you need extra care and support services in place so you can stay in or return to your own home?

This may be home adaptions or a carer going in to help with hygiene? Technology such as GPS tracking, alarm pendants? Or perhaps a key worker to support with managing hospital appointments?


What next?

The next stage is to get a Care Needs Assessment booked.


Contact us to book a Care Needs Assessment


You have a choice at this stage

You can either apply to your local authority and go on a waiting list OR a paid-for Care Needs Assessment can be arranged at short notice with Nellie Supports. Our fees start at £350, this fee includes the Adult Care Assessment and organisation of care.


The benefits of using an independent service like Nellie are no waiting lists, cancellations, or confusing paperwork – we are available seven days a week and are cheaper than the local authorities.


Contact us to book a Care Needs Assessment


Who is eligible for free adult social care from their local authority?


If the person needing care earns more than £23,250 per year they are NOT eligible for free adult social care.


If the person needing care has savings or assets of more than £23,250 they are NOT eligible for free adult social care.


However, everyone in the UK is entitled to a free Care Needs Assessment to establish their care needs, regardless of income or savings but waiting lists are long, cancellations high and local authorities are able to charge a set-up fee for any care organised – on average this is £495!


What are the options if earnings or assets exceed £23,250?


The person needing care can go on a waiting list for a free Care Needs Assessment with their local authority. However, waiting lists are often long and cancellations are common.


OR a paid-for Care Needs Assessment can be arranged at short notice with a private agency such as Nellie. Our prices start from £350, this fee includes the Adult Care Assessment and Brokerage Fees/Adult Care Plan


After an assessment, the person needing care can go on a local authority waiting list for paid-for care. The local authority may charge a brokerage fee (average £495) to organise the paid-for care.


OR paid-for care can be organised via a private agency such as Nellie.


Click here to contact us.


We help individuals and families who can’t access adult social care support from their Local Authority due to being above the financial threshold of £23,250 outlined in the Care Act (2014).


What is a Care Needs Assessment?


A Needs Assessment will look at the following things


  • The emotional and social side of your life.
  • Your skills and abilities.
  • Your views, religious and cultural background and support network.
  • Any physical difficulties you may experience or any risks.
  • Any health or housing requirements.
  • Your needs and wishes.
  • What you would like to happen.
  • Needs you have connected with any kind of disability or illness.


AND those needs that prevent you from achieving any of the outcomes listed below:


  • Nutrition – the ability to cook, prepare drinks and feed yourself independently.
  • Day-to-day personal care  –  maintaining personal hygiene, such as being able to wash, dress and launder your own clothes. Able to dress appropriately, for example during cold weather.
  • Mobility  –  able to move around the home safely, including accessing the home from outside. Any history of falls.
  • Medication – the ability to take the right type, at the right dose, at the right time.
  • Decision making.
  • Communication – verbal, written.
  • Managing toilet needs.
  • Day-to-day household tasks  –  keeping your home sufficiently clean and safe. Cleaning, shopping, gardening, and finances.
  • Relationships  –  able to develop and maintain the family or other personal relationships to avoid loneliness or isolation.
  • Being able to safely use services in the local community, including public transport and recreational facilities or services.


It also identifies what help and what support is being provided by family and informal carers too.


Through gaining a better knowledge of a person’s day-to-day life and by talking to the person needing care, we can identify the type of support needed and work on further care and support plans.


For further information or to book a Care Needs Assessment today call us on 01476 2105 67 or use the contact us form and request a call back. We are here to help, support and advise.

Don’t worry, you are not alone  – Nellie Supports individuals, and families looking for support for their parents or relatives, when you need it for as long as you need it. You can rely on us.


Who to contact

Contact Name
Ben Slater
Contact Position
Independent Social Worker
01476 210567
Independent Social Work

Where to go

NG31 8RR

When is it on?

When is it on
Monday to Sunday 08:00 to 17:00 with monitored out of hours answerphone
Time of day

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
29 Per 1/2 Hour
we charge a flat hourly fee plus mileage, all work will be quoted for prior to any work commencing.


Age Ranges
Referral required


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