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Triple P - Positive Parenting Programme

What is Triple P?

Positive Parenting Programme, more commonly known as Triple P, is a behaviour support programme and is available to all parents living in Nottingham City who have children aged 0-19. Through our programmes we will support you to choose the level of support you need and topics that are right for you.


Who is Triple P for?

Triple P is for all parents. Most of the time parenting is rewarding, but sometimes it can be exhausting and hard work. The Triple P programme is proven to help parents and carers who want/need support with their child’s behaviour.


How can Triple P help me?

By taking part in a Triple P programme you will:

  • Talk about your child’s behaviour and its impact on family life
  • Learn simple and practical behaviour strategies and parenting tips
  • Learn how to adapt tips and strategies to the needs of your family
  • Set achievable goals
  • Build a behaviour strategy toolkit to use now and in the future


What Triple P Programmes can I access?

Early Help offer 3 levels of Triple P support. These include:

One-to-one sessions (Tip sheets)

Tip sheets can be delivered in 1 session but could take up to 4 sessions depending on the needs of you and your family. Tip sheets focus on specific topics around children’s behaviour. During the session you will meet a Triple P practitioner who can deliver the sessions anywhere, including at home or you can opt for delivery to take place over the telephone. From these session, will you take away a tip sheet to refer back as well as a plan of how you will implement the Triple P strategies and tips at home.

Discussion groups

Discussion groups are a one off session around a particular topic. The discussion group will be led by our Triple P trained practitioners and you will meet with a small group of parents and carers who are experiencing similar behaviours. The Triple P practitioners delivering the discussion group will offer practical advice and support for tackling a specific behaviour through discussions, activities and video clips.

The discussion groups we offer are:

  • Hassle-free shopping
  • Managing fighting and aggression
  • Developing good bedtime routines
  • Dealing with disobedience.

8-week group programme

The 8-week Triple P programme gives you in depth knowledge and understanding round common child behaviours and emotional responses. With the support of our Triple P trained practitioners you will learn a variety of strategies and practical advice around common parenting challenges as well as tackling and improving your child’s behaviour. Practitioners will support you in choosing which strategies you feel would best suit your family and how to adapt these strategies to use in different situations. As this is a group programme you will also gain support from other parents and carers who may be experiencing the same or similar behaviours. The 8-week Programme consists of 5 weekly group based sessions and 3 individual one to one sessions with a Triple P practitioner.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones Triple P has been developed for parents of children with a developmental disability. Because it’s based on Triple P’s proven parenting strategies, it gives you ways to deal with the kinds of childhood behaviour problems and issues that can make family life stressful. Stepping Stones Triple P has been evaluated with real families and has been shown to work with children with intellectual and physical disabilities who have disruptive behaviour.


How can I access support?

Our Triple P support is accessible through booking only.

To book onto one of our Triple P programmes please contact Early Help on: 0115 876 3343 

You can also access Triple P support from a Family Mentor if you live in an SSBC area (Aspley, Bulwell, St Anns, Hyson Green & Arboretum) and your child is aged 0-4. To access support from SSBC contact your local Family Mentor team on: 0115 883 6720

Who to contact

0115 876 3343
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