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Free Food - Guru Nanak's Mission Nottingham

Guru Nanak's Mission (GNM) (reg. 1186663) are registered charity based in Nottingham, we provide free vegetarian meals that are freshly prepared on the same day as serving. We also provide hot/ cold drinks and puddings. 

We currently serve meals at Albert Street outside Marks & Spencer's every Mondays and Thursday between 7.30pm and 8pm.

On Wednesdays, we cook meals, and our volunteers deliver food parcels to families and individuals.

Aims and Values:

To do local service to local people in need of a hot meal or food parcel. We prepare meals, pack them and serve them in Nottingham City Centre. Monday’s and Thursday.

We cook at 5.30pm and are ready to serve in the same place in the town centre at 7.30pm. Our Wednesday serving is for referrals only, and we drop meals to hubs and individuals across the city.

It costs less than 90p serve each person. This includes a main dish (usually pasta or rice based), Indian spiced tea (Chai latte) and our home made rice pudding (a favourite). Fruit and puddings are also served. All food is vegetarian and eggless so that we don't exclude anyone from a hot meal. A lot of our donations and volunteers come through THIS Facebook page.

Sikhs have experienced an increase in racism with many banding us as terrorists. We want to raise the Sikh profile to reduce these views rather than lock ourselves away in fear of abuse. We have a broad volunteer base from all colours, castes, religions and non-religious people. Our kitchens are very sociable places. There is no head chef or master chef. Everyone has similar cooking experience (very little). Everyone mingles creating a friendly, easy going sociable atmosphere. We break down social and welfare barriers, often getting to know and chatting to the people we serve. GNM serving times are a time when vulnerable people congregate to share experiences and support one another.

Equality: GNM has no committee only trustees. It belongs to its volunteers. We are always looking for people to volunteer to take up back room duties as well and the front line work.

Humbleness: We do not preach and ask nothing in return. We don't seek recognition. All our posts and publicity aims to inspire others to join us and share our journey. 

Who to contact

Facebook Page Guru Nanak's Mission Nottm

Where to go

Albert Street (opposite Marks&Spencers)
Albert Street

When is it on?

When is it on
Monday & Thursday (Albert St), 7.30 - 8pm
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