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Sleep Tight

What is sleep Tight?

Sleep is vitally important to support children’s development and well-being. Sleep deprivation affects behaviour, learning, health, mood and the functioning of the whole family. The sleep Tight programme uses specific behavioural and cognitive techniques to help parents/carers modify night time behaviour.

Who is sleep Tight for?

The Sleep Tight programme is suitable for parents/carers of children who are one-year-old and over who are struggling with bedtime routines, their child’s sleeping patterns or bedtime as a whole.

How can Sleep Tight help me?

The Sleep Tight programme can support you to;

  • Establish why your child isn’t sleeping.
  • Learn about gentle methods to encourage better sleep habits.
  • Consider an improved bedtime routine.
  • Meet other parents/carers in the same situation.
  • Explore useful resources to aid sleep.

What does the programme cover?

The Sleep Tight programme is delivered over 5 weeks and covers;

  • Understanding sleep cycles
  • Common sleep issues and strategies to manage these
  • Establishing appropriate routines
  • Keeping sleep diaries and interpreting the data
  • Environments.

How can I access support?

Our Sleep Tight programme support is accessible through booking only.

To book onto one of our Sleep Tight programme please contact Early Help on: 0115 876 3343 or email:

Who to contact

0115 876 3343
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