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Salsache - Exciting Salsa Classes in Nottingham

Come, Learn and Enjoy the Exhilarating Salsa Dance in Nottingham. You don’t only keep fit but you meet like-minded people in a really friendly and fun environment!

Whether you like Cuban Style (Casino), New York Style (Mambo On2), Rueda, Chachacha or other forms of Latin dance, there is something for you in our school! With our dance classes, Nottingham has never been the same!

Quality of teaching, Passion for the dance and Diversity of classes have made Salsaché one of the most popular schools in Nottingham!

Why the name Salsaché? Because we love Salsa and are inspired by the power of the word Aché. Aché is everything: divine grace, knowledge, authority, wisdom, and the inherited experience of all those who came before us. It is also the life force that we humans possess, our strength, our power, our vitality, the reason why we are on earth. Aché is growth. Aché is Power. In Salsaché, we believe you have the power to dance like no other: You have the power to dance like YOU!

Salsaché was founded in Nottingham (UK) in 2012 by Tamba, a lead Salsa teacher, performer and dancer in the UK, with the vision of enhancing your enjoyment in Salsa dancing by giving you the techniques and mindset to be free and confident when you dance.
With Salsaché, you’re in good hands!

Who to contact

Contact Name
Tamba Salsache
Contact Position
Main teacher
Salsa Classes in Nottingham

Where to go

Bad Juju Bar
9, Broad Street

When is it on?

When is it on
Tuesday evenings from 7.30 to 10pm
Time of day

Other Details


1 class: Tuesday classes £6 (£5 for NUS) Wednesday classes £6 (£5 for NUS) Private classes £35 2 classes: Tuesday classes £9 (£7 for NUS) Wednesday classes £10 (£8 for NUS) Private classes £60


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