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We are Al-Hurraya, which means Freedom, and we help people in Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) communities to overcome multiple adversities, including addiction and crime, to fulfil their full potential.

We specialise in understanding each client’s cultural context to either provide or connect them with practical help that makes sense to them.

We work with young people, families and adults.

Gambling Addiction Support Service

We provide a bespoke service that includes culturally specific one to one counselling to overcome the challenges BAMER clients with gambling issues face. This is done with a public health approach.

We also offer family members support as Al-Hurraya understands that a holistic approach is required. This will be provided through mutual aid support groups that we operate for the clients to access for additional support.

We also are providing a series of workshops across Derby and Nottingham for professionals highlighting the impact gambling addiction has on the BAMER client and their families to increase their knowledge and better serve the community.

Culturally Wise Counselling

Our one to one counselling support and workshop interventions help people with:

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Domestic abuse

  • Who have arrived in the UK following a traumatic experience (PTSD)

  • Substance misuse

  • Surviving incest and sexual abuse

  • Surviving trauma and disaster

  • Other cultural issues

We also specialise in supporting people who come from emerging communities such as the Afghanistan, Iranian, Kurdish, Polish, Romanian, Turkish and the underrepresented Syrian BAME population.

All our counselling follows NICE guidelines and we follow the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) code of ethics.

Family Support

Support for Women and Girls.

  • One to One Counselling and Mentoring

  • Group Counselling, Mentoring and Life Coach Workshops

  • Awareness and Education session

  • Gender Specific - Health and Fitness Session

  • Healthy Relationship

  • Advocacy Signpost and Advice

Support for Men and Boys.

  • One to One Counselling and Mentoring

  • Group Counselling, Mentoring and Life Coach Workshops

  • Awareness and Education Session

  • Healthy Relationship

  • Advocacy Signpost and Advice

  • Working with Iman's and Mosques

  • Diversey Schemes (Football, Cricket, Boxing)

  • Gym Sessions

Family  Support and Significant Others.

We know that family really matters. We use our experiences and counselling models to address the impact of substance misuse, domestic violence & abuse, healthy relationship, improving communication and supporting family and friends.

If you would like support for yourself or for someone you know then contact us.

Refugee Asylum Seekers and New Emerging Communities.

We provide counselling, advocacy, advice and signposting to refugees, asylum seekers and new emerging communities within the East Midlands. We have spent the past two years supporting Syrian, Afghan refugees, and we have now begun to support the Ukrainian members of our community with their secondary trauma of war.
We work alongside Statutory and Volunteer organisations, to provide targeted support to hard to reach communities including places of worship to tackle childhood adversity and trauma.
More specifically we promote integration by supporting clients who have experienced difficulties in educational institutions due to cultural deprivation and need to adapt to a new way of living. We cover specialised topics relating to sexual exploitation, grooming, radicalisation, knife and gun crime, gang violence and substance abuse. 
We also provide young people with academic support and coaching they needed to address the high levels of detention, suspension and exclusion they may experience.

Who to contact

0115 7869206
07790 351084
Al-Hurraya Website

Monday-Saturday 9.00am-6.00pm

Where to go

UNit V2, Lenton Buisness Centre
Lenton Boulevard

When is it on?

When is it on
Contact For Meeting Dates/Times
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