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Eastern European Support Services - Signpost to Polish Success

We are the Signpost to Polish Success. Our services include:

  • Providing regular English language courses. We hold two classes on Tuesday.
  • Offering Polish and other Eastern European migrants 1-2-1 information / signposting sessions.
  • Publishing “East Midlands po Polsku”, roughly translated as “The East Midlands in Polish”, in which we continue to inform our readership about issues relevant to the Polish community across the East Midlands. Our estimated readership is now more than 16,000.
  • Running which provides our users with instant information.  Our Facebook page that has over 3100 followers
  • Organising webinars, workshops, meetings, social gatherings, events, developing a sense of community and working towards community cohesion. Our workshops provide comprehensive and useful information on current, topical issues.  Our social activities contribute to the creation of a sense of community among the recently arrived migrants.
  • Providing volunteering opportunities for members of N&EC which benefit them as well as members of the wider local community.
  • Foodbank provided for Eastern Europeans.

Who to contact

0115 978 1396
0115 970 0446
EMPP Website

Contact available Tuesday and Thursday 10am-5.30 pm. Our office is open from Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm

Where to go

Forest Road West

When is it on?

When is it on
Monday to Thursday
Session Information
1-2-1 information sessions (please call for deatails 01159781396)
ESOL (Monday 10.30)
Language cafe (every other Tuesday 6pm) + events like information workshops
family fun days
focus groups etc.
Time of day

Other Details


Age Ranges
Referral required
Other notes

The Signpost To Polish Success, is a charitable company (Company No. 6693843, Registered Charity No. 1126928). SPS was established in 2005 to support the new arrivals from Eastern Europe, mainly Polish migrants. Since 2008 SPS has strengthened its position as an established organisation that delivers essential, bi-lingual services to the new and emerging communities.

We are the only organisation in Nottinghamshire that provides services specifically tailored to the needs of Polish and other Eastern European migrants. We are a front line organisation with a bi-lingual staff that works closely with the Eastern European community and in partnership with many relevant organisations in Nottingham, the East Midlands, UK and Europe.

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