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Children & Young People’s Behavioural and Emotional Health Team

Training and support for universal services; support for children and young people with behavioural, emotional or mental health needs through pre-assessment work before a specialist clinical assessment, determining where further assessment is required, signposting to or providing information about other suitable services and delivering one-to-one work. A range of parenting programmes is also available.

Minimum and maximum age of service users

No minimum age, Maximum age 24

Method of delivery

Face to face (in a group)
Face to face (individual)

Who is the service for?

Direct support using evidence-based strategies that are recommended by NICE (including cognitive behavioural therapy) is available for children over the age of 12 diagnosed with ADHD or ASD. All services are available for children and young people with a wide range of behavioural, emotional or mental health needs including ASD, ADHD, behavioural difficulties and sleep difficulties. A range of programmes is also available for their parents.

Other Essential Information

This service is for all children and young people aged up to 18, and for young people aged 18-24 with an education and health care plan.

Note that individual face-to-face support is only available for children aged 11 and above; telephone support consists of advice only (not therapy).

Parenting programmes available include:

  • 123 Magic – a four-week course for parents of children up to 12 years.
  • Cygnet – a six-week programme for parents of children with a diagnosis of autism.
  • New Forest – a six-week programme offering two courses, one for parents of pre-school children with ADHD symptoms (pre diagnosis) and another for parents of children aged 5-12 who have an ADHD diagnosis.
  • Sleep programme – a five-week parenting course for parents of children who have comorbidities of neuro developmental concerns.

Who to contact

Behavioural and Emotional Health team 0115 8761716
Single Point of Access - 0115 876 4000
Behavioural and Emotional Health website
Parent Organisation
Pathway for Children & Young People with Behavioural, Emotional or Mental Health Needs

When is it on?

When is it on
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Local Offer

Needs Level
SEN Provision Type
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