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Special Educational Needs Service

Dear Families, Schools and Settings

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Service are currently working away from the office environment in line with government instructions, and we have access to emails as usual.  Telephone calls should still get through to us, but if you can’t get through on the number you usually use, please dial our main office number 0115 876 4300, or the helpline 0115 876 4700 between 9.00 and 16.00.


We are in contact with each other, the education support services, and our health and social care colleagues by phone, text, video call and email.  During this period, we are doing our best to make every reasonable endeavour to support children and young people with SEND in our communities.

We are still processing requests for statutory assessments, writing EHC plans and redrafting EHC plans from Annual Reviews. It is our intention to continue to strive to meet our legal deadlines where at all possible.

We are continuing to run decision-making panels (through video conferencing and conference phonecalls).

Reports and information for assessments will be more difficult to gather during this time, but we will make every effort.  Professionals will continue to provide advice.  Assessments are unlikely to take place in person, but we will be able to use telephone assessments, and reports written from information already held.  EHC Plans issued during this period will be updated with any important missing information as soon as possible after the restrictions are lifted.

We are emailing paperwork to families instead of posting as we can’t print from home. If we haven’t got your email address and need to send something to you we will contact you by telephone to find out your email address.

If absolutely necessary, we will be able to go into the office to print off documents to post out, but this can only happen in exceptional circumstances, to make sure we are complying with government instructions.

Reviews of existing EHC Plans may take place by video call or telephone, and email, or may be temporarily postponed by schools.  Any missing information will be added as soon as possible after the restrictions are lifted.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns

The Special Educational Needs Service

Main office number 0115 876 4300

Helpline 0115 876 4700 between 9.00 and 16.00.

Who to contact

Main office number: 0115 876 4300
Helpline: 0115 876 4700 between 9:00 and 16:00
Special Educational Needs (SEN) Service Webpage

Where to go

SEN Service
Building 5, Woolsthorpe Depot
Woolsthorpe Close
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