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Crocus Fields Short Breaks Unit

Who are our services for?

Families with young people, living in Nottingham City, who have a permanent, diagnosed learning and/or physical disability. The young person may have autism or have complex health needs

For young people that are presenting behaviours that are impacting on the family’s ability to manage day to day care and are in need of a short break.

We generally support young people between the ages 8-19 although sometimes we provide support to young people outside of this age range.

We also provide a limited short breaks service for young adults of up to 7 places for those aged 19-25

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What is Crocus Fields?

A short breaks home based near the City Centre (in The Meadows)

It has two units, one which has seven beds, and one which has four

It has specially adapted bedrooms and bathrooms for children with physical disabilities

It has specially adapted equipment and areas for children with learning disabilities

Two large garden areas with play equipment

A mini bus and two adapted wheelchair friendly cars for trips out

It provides a very safe environment for young people to stay, play and have fun

What do we do?

We offer overnight short breaks to support the family to have a break from caring for their child

Lots of community based activities

We work closely with families, schools and other agencies to determine the best ways to enable the young person to develop

How can you access us?

Through the Disabled Children’s Team. Your Social Worker or Family Support Worker will need to undertake an assessment to see it you are able to access our service.

What can I expect as a parent/carer?

Regular planned overnight short breaks for your child at Crocus Fields

A key worker allocated to you and your child

A clear and detailed plan of support of your child

Lots of support and advice

Help and support if you are struggling or there is an emergency

What can I expect as a young person using Crocus Fields?

Lots of fun!

A chance to make new friends or stay over with them

A chance to try new activities

A chance to learn new things

To be kept safe and to be looked after well while I am there

To be able to make choices

What else do we offer?

The Intensive Support scheme is a service designed to support families that are on the edge of breaking down. Your child can stay at Crocus Fields for up to 17 nights. During this time the team, support by the Outreach Team, will create an individualised plan that will begin to address the issues that could cause a break down in your family. After the stay the Outreach Team, for an agreed period of time will support you and your child in your home, and support you to make small, manageable positive changes.

Who works at Crocus Fields?

A friendly and very experienced staff team who specialise in working with young people with disabilities

Support from an on-site permanent nursing staff team

A high staffing ratio during day and a dedicated team of awake night staff

If I am interested in accessing Crocus Fields, what do I do?

Speak to the Disabled Children’s Team, your Social Worker or Family Support Worker to get more information. Alternatively contact Crocus Fields.


Crocus Fields is inspected by Ofsted, please Click Here for the inspections webpage.

Who to contact

0115 8762282 (Monday-Friday 9-4pm)
Unit 1: 07908130002 (Outside office hours)
Unit 2: 07908130066 (Outside office hours)
Crocus Fields Website

Where to go

Crocus Fields
Arkwright Walk
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