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Community Short Breaks - Fostering Services

The Short Breaks Fostering Service offers a family based short breaks opportunity for disabled children and young people aged 0-19 years (up to 19 where young person is in special education provision). 

Following a matching process with an approved foster carer, the amount of overnights provided each month can vary but would normally be between 2 and 4 depending on each individual care plan. The service is geared towards offering parents/ carers a break from their caring responsibilities with the peace of mind in knowing their child is in a safe environment and with an approved foster carer who is able to meet their child’s needs. The Short Breaks Team has a passionate and dedicated team of carers who are able to meet the needs of a wide range of children of differing abilities and cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Children and young people benefit from having the opportunity to socialise within a family setting as well as learn and enhance their personal life/independent living skills. A focus on outcomes is emphasised, and a short breaks care plan is completed in partnership with children and their parents/carers. The service aims to promote social inclusion in accessing a range of local community activities, where children and young people are encouraged to make choices and decisions about how time is spent during their short break.


Key benefits of short breaks fostering:

  • Family based support
  • Support and care planning focussed on meeting outcomes (i.e. promoting independence, physical and emotional health)
  • Matching process is centred around the needs of the child
  • Helping children and young people to make their own decisions
  • Developing peer relationships/friendships outside of school
  • A chance to learn new things, whilst having lots of fun!


The Short Breaks Bungalow:

We have an adapted bungalow which has been developed to offer overnight short breaks for children and young people with a physical disability. There is a large bedroom with a ‘profiling bed’ and a ceiling track hoist, an adapted and extended bathroom with ceiling track hoist and shower table along with a fully accessible lounge and kitchen area with adjustable units. The bungalow is used for one child at a time with a carer(s) who are able to meet the needs of the child. The child or young person will have the opportunity to personalise the bedroom during their stay. Whether the support is offered at the carer’s own home or at the short breaks bungalow, the short breaks team aims to provide a high standard of care to meet specific outcomes which are focussed on the needs of each child.


How can you access us?

Through the Disabled Children’s Team. Your Social Worker or Family Support Worker will need to undertake an assessment to see it you are able to access our service.

Who to contact

0115 8762745

Where to go

The Short Breaks Team
Floor 2, Loxley House
Station Street

Local Offer

Needs Level
SEN Provision Type
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