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Crocus Fields Outreach Team


  • Young People and families that need help and support with managing presenting behaviours that will improve family life
  • Young people who are a Nottingham City resident
  • Young people that are 0-19 years
  • Young people that have a permanent diagnosed (by a doctor or consultant) learning disability or physical disability
  • All referrals must come from a professional involved with the family for example a social worker, Priority family lead, CAF lead, occupational, therapist health or education representative.
  • The professional making the referral will maintain responsibility until work is completed by the outreach team. This is so any issues or concerns that arise can be addressed.
  • The outreach team will not case hold any family
  • The young person must not have a duplicate referral to another team
  • Parents and carers must be in agreement to the referral and be committed to working in partnership with the Outreach Team
  • The referrer must highlight one aim to be achieved per referral multiple referrals can be made if necessary
  • The outreach team work on a priority basis where referrals made that have child protection concerns will take precedence. Other cases will be allocated in order according to the date of referral.

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Who are we?

The Outreach Service is a small team with a wide range of knowledge and experience of disability. We aim to work with families to find solutions to challenges around behaviour that can have a negative impact on the young person and their family life, as well as learning new life skills or progress to independence.

What we do


The Outreach team offers a time and place for families and sometimes other professionals involved in your child’s life to discuss a difficult issue and together find new ways to try and resolve the issue

Direct work:

Over 6 sessions we will support young people and their families to use their own strengths and resources to find practical solutions and develop their own skills. This will take the form of small manageable steps towards a more positive scenario rather than one large hopeful leap.

Relax Kids:

Over 6 small group sessions we will help you and your child to learn new ways to relax together. We use play both to energize and then calm you child. Families find this easy course allows them time to have fun whilst teaching their child new ways to manage anxiety, sleep or self-esteem issues.

Sleepy Kids:

The Outreach Team offers support to families where there are sleep difficulties such as night time waking or co-sleeping and then help families to identify ways to change this.  When you feel ready a member of the Team will help you to make a plan for your child.

Intensive Support:

The Intensive Support scheme is a service designed to support families that are on the edge of breaking down. Your child can stay with the Crocus Fields Intensive Support Team for up to 17 nights. During this time the Crocus Fields Team, supported by the Outreach Team will create an individualized plan that will begin to address the issues that could cause the break down in your family. After the 17 nights have ended the Outreach Team, for an agreed period of time will support you and your child in your home to continue implement the plan, and support you to make small, manageable positive changes.

How is our service accessed?

We receive referrals from professionals involved with the family who are willing to hold responsibility for the referrals until outreach work is completed.


Crocus Fields is inspected by Ofsted, please Click Here for the inspections webpage.

Who to contact

0115 8761998
Crocus Fields Website

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