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School Aged Immunisation Service

It is time for your child’s yearly flu vaccination!

Who is this for?

All school aged children will be invited to have the flu nasal spray at school.

This includes Reception - Year 6 and Year 7 - Year 11.

Why get your child vaccinated?

It is free and protects you child and family from potentially serious problems.

The vaccination is a quick and simple nose spray that works the same as a flu jab.

Giving your child the flu spray will stop the spread.

Older people and those with illnesses are most at risk if they catch flu from children.

Flu changes all the time, so even if your child had it last year it is vital they have it again this year.  

Follow the link for more information - Children's flu vaccine overview


How do you let us know if you want your child to have the flu vaccination?

Your school should send you details of how you can consent.

Alternatively please fill in one online consent form for each child  here

You will need to ensure you select the correct consent form for your child’s needs.

Remember to press Confirm School after you have entered your email address and the school code into the consent form (this will show the name of the school so you can check it is correct).

See here for further information about the School Aged Immunisation Service

Frequently asked questions:

Question: I do not want my child to have the flu nasal spray because of the porcine gelatine what can I do? 

Answer: For the first time those families that refuse the flu nasal spray due to porcine can request the alternative injection. To request this please complete an online consent form for each child. 

If you need any assistance to complete the online consent form please contact the team on 07920 182032

Who to contact

Contact Name
School Aged Immunisation Service
07920 182032
School Aged Immunisation Team

Other Details

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