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Free Food - Crocus Cafe Community Eating Project

Food parcels and community eating projects

Wander through the doors of Nottingham’s longest running community café to find homemade, affordable and healthy food with a guaranteed warm welcome! Crocus also hosts loads of great evenings including BYOB restaurant nights and many more events besides.

We offer suspended meals to those in need. Suspended Meals are a concept introduced in coffee shops in Italy called Caffè Sospeso meaning pending coffee where a paying customer buys an extra coffee for someone in need. This has been developed to include meals and drinks in many cafes across Europe and the rest of the world. To have a suspended meal you need a voucher, please speak to the café manager if you have any questions.

This idea is compatible with the community café ethos of Crocus Café and therefore we quickly took it on and started providing suspended meals when Real Lives took over the café in April 2013.

We are also a social eating kitchen and receive surplus food from supermarkets to create our delicious meals.

Delivery / Collection

Who to contact

0115 950 5080
Crocus Café Website

Where to go

18, Lenton Boulevard

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