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Provider Corner - Latest News and Information


Please see below for the latest news and information relevant to the health and social care provider market.

March 20: Latest Advice about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please visit ASKLiON's dedicated pages on the coronavirus for providers, including FAQs and contact details for any queries.

Feb 20: The Consent Coalition has launched!

Do you know that removing a condom during sex without consent is rape? Do you know that you need to get consent for sexual activity even if you are in a relationship?

These questions and others are set to be tackled by what is believed to be the country’s first multi-agency approach to consent, sexual violence and abuse. 

On the 3rd February the Consent Coalition launched to co-inside with National Sexual Violence Awareness week!  The Consent Coalition is made up of many organisations, including specialist sexual violence sector organisations, statutory services and universities.

Together the Consent Coalition is working to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of consent
  • Challenge myths about rape and sexual violence
  • Encourage survivors to access support and/or make a report, if they choose to do so

Alongside the consent campaign, the Consent Coalition has also created a booklet called Your Journey, which is a guide for survivors of sexual violence on the range of support and reporting options available, whether or not they choose to report to the Police.

Please click here for further information about the Consent Coalition.

Nov 19: Prevent winter deaths and illnesses associated with cold homes - Quick Guide for Homecare Managers

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has published a quick guide for homecare managers detailing how to help to prevent winter deaths and illnesses associated with cold homes.

For a vulnerable person, living in a cold home increases their chance of serious illness or death. They are at higher risk of a heart attack or stroke, breathing problems, flu, depression and falls.

Home care managers need to ensure that care staff can recognise people at risk and that they know how to document and share concerns appropriately.

The guide covers:

Home care managers can take some simple steps to help care staff by having a plan that includes:

  • Contact details for reporting concerns to local authority health and housing services 
  • Details of local sources of advice and support that can be shared with vulnerable people
  • A training plan for care staff that covers recognising those at risk, considering and assessing vulnerability and how to document and share concerns appropriately

ASKLiON have pulled together local sources of support including contact details to help homecare providers. To access this document please click here.

To access the guide on the SCIE website please click here.

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