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Autism Team (SEND Inclusion Support Services)

Who we are:

We are a team of specialist teachers and transition support workers who are based in the Nottingham City Inclusive Education Service. We are a school-based service

What do we do?

  • We offer specialist support, training, advice and guidance to schools and settings in order to develop good autism practice
  • We support schools and settings in using the graduated approach – assess, plan, do, review - to meet the needs of all autistic children
  • We can offer individualised support through a school referral. This could include assessment, observation, target setting and review, as well as providing guidance on using approaches, interventions and resources
  • We offer tailored transition support for autistic children moving between schools
  • We support families by sharing information and resources, through liaison with schools and settings, including attending meetings where applicable, and through the delivery of a range of parent/carer workshops
  • We communicate with other professionals e.g. Speech Therapists/Educational Psychologists, to ensure a joined up approach to support
  • We can be part of statutory assessment eg for an Education, Health and Care plan

How do we work

We work using a strengths-based approach, with the understanding that autism is a difference, not a deficit. Our aim is to support and upskill schools to be as inclusive as possible in their autism practice.  We are committed to helping all autistic children and young people achieve their best possible outcomes

Who we work with:

We support every maintained school in Nottingham City and each school has their own allocated specialist teacher. For individualised support, a school referral can be made if:

  • The child has a confirmed diagnosis of autism or is undergoing assessment on the neuro-developmental pathway, under a paediatrician
  • The child is aged between 3 and 19 years old
  • The child lives in Nottingham City and attends a Nottingham City School, or lives outside of Nottingham City but attends a city school
  • The child is attending school
  • The school requires additional specialist support and advice to what would be considered ordinarily available

How do I access support as a parent?

If you feel your child requires specialist support in school, speak to your school SENCO in the first instance

Details of parent/carer workshops and information can be found here:

Nottingham City Council Autism Team | Facebook

Nottingham City Council Autism Team (@city_autism) / X (

Who to contact

0115 8765311

Other Details

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