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Peep Learning Together Programme

What is Peep?

The Peep Learning Together Programme is an evidence-based programme which provides information on child development and supports you in enhancing the home learning environment and supporting your child’s development. Peep can support you make a real difference just by talking, playing, singing and sharing books or activities together. This is achieved by exploring topics within the 5 strands of learning. The 5 strands of learning include:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and language
  • Early literacy development
  • Early numeracy development
  • Health and physical development


The Peep learning together programme is underpinned by ORIM. ORIM stands for Opportunities, Recognition, Interaction and Modelling these 4 elements of Peep help you to understand the importance of sharing ideas for opportunities through everyday experiences, recognising achievements and valuing children’s efforts, interacting with children and the importance of being a model for children.
Peep is also an excellent opportunity for you and your child to make friends in a safe and friendly environment.


What programmes can I access?

Peep programmes offered by Early Help include:

  • Watch Me Grow which is aimed at parents with babies 0-9 months
  • Inbetweenies which is aimed at parents with toddlers 9-18 months
  • Getting Ready for Nursery which is aimed at parents with children aged 18 months – 2years+
  • Chatter Matters which focuses on speech, language and communication development
  • Me and Mini Me which is aimed at parents who are under the age of 21

Please note: Programmes offered differ between centres.


What does a Peep session look like?

Peep sessions typically include:

  • Welcome and Hello song
  • Peep singing time
  • Talk time – a different topic will be covered each session
  • Activities / Free play
  • Story time
  • Parents song choice
  • Goodbye song

Please note: This order may vary between sessions

What parents have said about Peep:

When parents were asked what they most liked about Peep, they said…

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When parents were asked what their child enjoys about Peep they said…

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When parents were asked if Peep had made a difference they said…

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How to book onto a Peep programme:

Our Peep programmes are accessible through booking/invitation only.

Please contact us on 0115 876 3343 to discuss booking onto a Peep programme.

Who to contact

0115 876 3343

Other Details

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