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    Early Help Family Support Clinics

    What is an Early Help Family Support Clinic? Family Support Clinics are run by Family Support Workers who will support…
    0115 876 3343

    The Freedom Programme

    What is the Freedom Programme? The Freedom Programme is a 10-week information and support programme built around the realities and…
    0115 876 3343

    The Parenting Team

    The Parenting Team comprises of six accredited Parenting Practitioners who provide a menu of group and/or individual one-to-one bespoke parenting…
    0115 8765964

    Peep Learning Together Programme

    What is Peep? The Peep Learning Together Programme is an evidence-based programme which provides information on child development and supports…
    0115 876 3343

    Sleep Tight

    What is sleep Tight? Sleep is vitally important to support children’s development and well-being. Sleep deprivation affects behaviour, learning, health,…
    0115 876 3343

    Triple P - Positive Parenting Programme

    What is Triple P? Positive Parenting Programme, more commonly known as Triple P, is a behaviour support programme and is…
    0115 876 3343

    Triple P Family Transitions Programme for separated parents experiencing conflict in their relationship

    What is Triple P Family Transitions? Family Transitions Triple P is a five-week group programme delivered by the Parenting Team…
    0115 8765964
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